Project Overview

As the Creative and Systems head of my college's Students’ Representative Council, I had the opportunity to create a new club in the college. The club focused on fine arts, which was a passion of mine. One of my responsibilities was to design a logo that would represent the club for many years to come. The logo consists of a brush, a pencil, and a color palette.

Design Process

To design the logo, I started by researching various logos of art clubs and organizations. I then sketched out a few rough ideas and narrowed them down to the one that best represented the club's goals. The final design consisted of a brush, a pencil, and a color palette, all of which are tools used in fine arts.

Logo Description

The logo is a simple yet elegant design that incorporates the essential tools used in fine arts. The brush and pencil represent the tools used in drawing and painting, while the color palette represents the different colors used to create art. The logo's simplicity makes it easy to recognize and remember, which is crucial for a club logo.


The club now has over 60 members who share a passion for fine arts, and the logo has played a vital role in creating a brand identity for the club. As a founding member, I am proud to have played a role in establishing the club and designing its logo. The club has provided me with an opportunity to reconnect with my creative side and explore various forms of art.


The logo design project for the fine arts club was an exciting and challenging experience. The logo represents the club's essence and has become a recognizable brand identity. The club continues to grow, and I am glad to have played a part in its establishment.

The Instagram page of the fine arts club is a wonderful platform for members to share their artistic creations and connect with each other. The page features different forms of art, and the members take the opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity. The club's logo is prominently displayed on the page, which helps to establish the brand identity of the club. Overall, the Instagram page has become an important tool for the members to express themselves and stay connected to the fine arts community. You can check out the page and its beautiful artworks here:


The objective of this project was to create a logo that would embody the creative spirit of the club and appeal to all those interested in fine arts. The logo had to be simple yet elegant and convey the message of the club.

Design Iterations

Concept Sketch