I designed UX for an educational tracking and learning platform called Learnable that helps students keep track of their progress and work on assignments. The platform is specifically designed to support online learning and aims to provide a user-friendly experience for students.
Students and teachers face difficulties in managing their schedules and activities effectively, which can lead to missed deadlines, decreased productivity, and disengagement. Traditional paper-based methods or fragmented digital solutions can be insufficient or overwhelming, resulting in increased stress and inefficiency.

This can be because of:

Lack of a centralized system to track class schedules and activities.

Difficulty in managing multiple classes, assignments, and deadlines.

Overwhelming nature of traditional paper-based methods or fragmented digital solutions.

Improve students' and teachers' productivity, engagement, and learning outcomes
Address the problem of disorganized class schedules and activities
Provide a solution that is accessible, user-centered, and scalable

Customizable schedules for students and teachers

Notifications for upcoming classes and deadlines

A progress tracker for tasks and assignments

Collaboration tools for students and teachers to work together

Integration with external calendars and task managers

Our Proposal
Learnable should have a clean and modern design with a simple and intuitive user interface. It should offer features such as:
Design Process
Learnable is designed for both students and teachers, ranging from high school to college level. It is also suitable for anyone who needs to keep track of their daily schedules and tasks.
Target Users
Empathy Map
Define Product
Define Goals
Define Challenges
User Personas
User Scenarios
A/B Testing
Usability Testing
Competitor Analysis
Architecture Flowchart
User Journeys
Feeling overwhelmed by the volume of class schedules and activities.
Stress caused by missed deadlines or incomplete tasks.
Difficulty in keeping track of multiple classes and assignments.
Increased productivity and efficiency in managing class schedules and activities.
Improved engagement and learning outcomes.
Clear and efficient communication channels with teachers and classmates.
What does the user see?
Overwhelming amount of class schedules and activities to manage.

Cluttered calendars or to-do lists that are difficult to navigate.

What does the user hear?
Frustration and stress caused by missed deadlines and disorganization.

Feedback from teachers or classmates regarding missed or incomplete assignments.

What are the user's needs?
A centralized and user-friendly system for scheduling and tracking classes and activities.

Customizable options to fit individual needs and preferences.

What does the user say and do?
Searches for resources and tools to help them better manage their schedules and activities.

Tries different solutions, but finds them either insufficient or overwhelming.

User Empathy
Final Prototype
Home Screen
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