During My Undergraduate Studies

I had the honor of serving as the Creative and Technical Head for the Students' Representative Council at my college. My role was both rewarding and challenging, and it included several key responsibilities:

Personal Growth and Contribution:

The blend of creativity, leadership, and technical expertise enriched my college experience.

Contributed positively to the vibrant spirit of our student community.

Collaborating and Leading:

Worked closely with different teams to ensure consistency and alignment with the college's values.

Oversaw projects, maintained timelines, and ensured quality in all visual communications.

Managing Social Media Posts:

Led the creation of engaging social media content.

Carefully crafted posts to promote gatherings, celebrate achievements, and foster a sense of camaraderie among students.

Designing Banners:

Created visually appealing banners for various college events.

Utilized a combination of creativity and technical skill to make designs that resonated with our diverse student body.

This experience not only enhanced my technical and creative skills but also provided me with invaluable leadership experience, making my time as Creative and Technical Head a pivotal part of my personal and professional development.

Some of my work:

These are some of the post that I had designed.

There’s a lot more that can be found on Instagram here.